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Do behavior challenges make it difficult to complete daily routines such as getting ready for school or going to bed? Do you avoid activities or places because you fear having to deal with a meltdown? Do you worry how you will manage behavior challenges once your child is too big for you to pick up and carry? We are here for your family!

Our Board-Certified Behavior Analyst, Megan DeBoom, provides complimentary consultations, with both in-person and virtual appointments. Megan is skilled at providing practical behavior supports that can be used in your home and in your community.

Our Pathways Therapy Team offers single, initial consultations at no cost to families. Please anticipate a waiting list. These complimentary consultations are available morning and midday hours on weekdays only.

If additional caregiver consultation or direct therapy is needed following this initial service, it will be recommended for families to proceed to a Pathways Intake Appointment to discuss enrollment in a more comprehensive service package to support further progress.

Following submission of Interest Form, Megan will contact you directly to schedule an appointment!

Complimentary consultations available: morning and midday hours (on weekdays only)

On-Site or Virtual Appointments Available!

The first consultation is complimentary/free and no cost to families.

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