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Welcome expectant and new parents / caregivers! Down Syndrome Innovations offers resources and support after a diagnosis of Down syndrome.

We are sure you are experiencing a range of emotions as you adjust to the diagnosis of Down syndrome, and we want you to know immediately that we are on this journey with you now, and throughout the lifespan of your child. We want you to consider us your child's lifetime partner on this journey!

Our Unique Approach

Our Lifespan Services Team created our Lifespan Services Framework, which is the core of how we approach our mission and our work.

This Framework is a person-centered framework where the entire course of our services and supports—across their lifespan—revolves around the story, preferences, strengths, uniqueness, needs and available support system of each individual we serve. It is a dynamic framework evolving across any age or lifespan stage. When applying this framework, our Team ensures that we are addressing 7 key skills geared towards advancing the individual within their home and community life: Communication, Social-Emotional Skills, Daily Living, Vocational Development, Community Engagement, Health and Wellness, and Safety.

Get Connected

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We encourage you to fill out this contact form so a member of our team can follow up with you and recommend relevant services and supports, plus we can add you to our mailing list!

It is especially critical that we have the birth date of your child. Birth dates are very important as they guide us in which services and supports to recommend to families at each stage of life.

We will follow up with you promptly after we receive your contact form, but you are welcome to message us directly as well, as we want to be responsive to your needs: email us!

Services & Support

Down Syndrome Innovations offers services and support to parents expecting a child with a diagnosis of Down syndrome. From our quarterly New & Expectant Parents/Caregiver Breakfasts to serving as your one-stop place for all the resources you might need — we are here for you! We are ready to help guide you on your journey!

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Wherever you are on your journey, our expert Lifespan Services Team is with you continually finding new ways to offer innovative services for every age and season of life. 

Prenatal to 2 year old newsletter

Hope Consultations

We can schedule time with you to get to know your family and your needs, as well as provide accurate and up to date information about Down syndrome and share stories that will give you hope about your baby’s future.


Down Syndrome Innovations provides essential, vetted resources to expectant parents following a new diagnosis.

New Beginnings Magazine

Our New Beginnings Magazine provides all the important information you need to know at the time of diagnosis. You can read the magazine from our Flipbook below. Or you can click here to download a copy to view and read later.


Here are some great videos for you to watch.

Expectant Parents

Watch a video designed for expectant parents seeking more information.

Adoptive Parents

Adoptive parents, watch a video to learn more about adoptions of children with Down syndrome.

Other Websites

You may also wish to visit the Brighter Tomorrows or National Down Syndrome Congress expectant parent websites to learn more.
National Down Syndrome Congress
Down Syndrome Pregnancy

Down Syndrome Pregnancy is a wonderful resource which walks expectant couples through their pregnancies and provides many resources along with the ability to connect with other parents who have walked in your shoes. You can download a free e-book at this site as well.


Check out our upcoming events for your loved one’s age range!

Life Care Plans and Special Needs Trust

Ensuring your loved one has the financial resources required to meet his or her needs without jeopardizing eligibility for government-provided supplemental benefits can be a challenge for any family.... READ MORE

  • Date:Tuesday, July 23rd
  • Time:6:30 - 8:00 pm
  • Location:Down Syndrome Innovations: 5916 Dearborn St, Mission, KS 66202
  • Learn More & RegisterClick Here!
  • Fee:Donor-Funded / FREE due to the generosity of our donors, grantors and community partners!
Connect & Play

Connect & Play!

Our “Connect & Play” groups are for families looking to connect with other families out in the community, closer to home! Connect & Play is an opportunity for parents/caregivers... READ MORE

  • Dates:Multiple Dates
  • Learn More & RegisterClick Here
  • Fee:FREE: Funded by our donors, Grantors and Community Partners!

New / Expectant Parents & Extended Family Gathering

This is an opportunity for new parents and extended family members (prenatal – 2 years old) to connect with others, who have a young child with Down syndrome. Meet... READ MORE

  • Date:August 3rd
  • Time:9 -11 am
  • Learn More & RegisterClick Here!
  • Fee:Donor-funded / FREE

Growing up is hard. Growing up with Down syndrome can be a challenge all it's own. Fortunately, you have people all around this community that can relate and help you and your loved ones achieve the best life possible.

Down Syndrome Innovations creates tools and connects people that give you the best resources to achieve success. Our Lifespan Services are designed for you to join others at any phase in life. Whether you're an expectant parent of a child with Down syndrome or someone looking to....

New Parent

Welcome expectant parents! Down Syndrome Innovations offers resources and support after a diagnosis of Down syndrome.

We are sure you are experiencing a range of emotions as you adjust to the diagnosis of Down syndrome, and we want you to know immediately that we are on this journey with you, now and throughout the lifespan of your child.