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In Celebration of Caleb Welch

Caleb Welch In Celebration of Caleb Welch’s High School Graduation Thank you for honoring Caleb Welch and his High School Graduation. To honor this exciting milestone, we are helping raise money for Down Syndrome Innovations.

DSI New Building

Lifelong Learning Campus

Lifelong Learning Campus The Lifelong Learning Campus Now Serving People with Down syndrome of ALL ages! Your past support has given us the opportunity to expand our services to support people with Down syndrome of all ages—which resulted in the need to grow our campus! With the purchase and

Mission Fund

Mission Fund Mission Fund – General Donation Our Mission Fund is a general donation that goes to support our mission, including scholarships for families who are unable to afford our fee-for-service programs; funding for our free educational programs for all age levels; and funding for our free educational seminars