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Mike Kulp

Chair, Governance Committee

President/CEO, KBP Foods

For more than a decade, Mike Kulp’s passion for creating a A Great Place to Eat and A Great Place to Own has created a unique culture at KBP Foods. Under his direction, KBP Foods has grown from $7-million to $780 million in annual revenue over a 10 year period. He has been an active member of many local advertising cooperatives, serving as an executive board member in Atlanta, Tampa, Kansas City and Omaha DMA Cooperatives. Mike also serves as a member of the Core Products Improvement Council, the National Operations Committee and the Restaurant Margin Improvement Committee in partnership with PricewaterhouseCoopers. Michael dedicates service to several boards of directors, including Fresh Alternatives. In addition to his work with Down Syndrome Innovations, Mike is an active philanthropic member of community in partnership with Truman Medical Centers and the Kansas City Harvesters food bank.