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Medical Professionals

Down Syndrome Innovations is here to provide support, resources and training for medical professionals and first responders.

We work with hospitals, OB/GYN practices, pediatric offices, geneticists, maternal fetal specialists as well as lactation consultants to help them serve their patients well.

Our Changing Lives training provides medical professionals with research-based, evidence-backed suggestions for how to deliver a compassionate diagnosis and match families to resources. We also review best practices for treating patients, the American Academy of Pediatrics Down Syndrome Healthcare Guidelines, growth charts and share contact information for local Down syndrome clinics. Contact Us or email to request a Changing Lives training.

Down Syndrome Innovations encourages all medical professionals to utilize people first language when speaking with or writing about their patients with Down syndrome. Example: You do not have a Downs patient; you have a patient with Down syndrome. Learn more about the importance of People First Language here. Putting a person before their diagnosis shows respect and empathy and helps alleviate diagnostic overshadowing.

Contact Us

Contact us if you would like any additional training or resources to assist you in serving your patients with Down syndrome.