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Caregiver Workshop: Addressing Relationships, Puberty and Sexuality

At Down Syndrome Innovations, our team understands that teaching your loved one with Down syndrome about puberty, sexuality, and relationships can feel very overwhelming. Using materials from the evidence-based curriculum, members of our Pathways Therapy Team (who are Elevatus-trained sexuality educators) will provide general information on how to navigate


DS-ASD Connection Group

DS-ASD Connection is a virtual gathering of caregivers to discuss resources, strategies, community supports, and challenges related to a child or adult’s current or potential dual-diagnosis of Down syndrome and Autism Spectrum Disorder.   This group is facilitated by Down Syndrome Innovations staff, and we will occasionally invite special


Caregiver Education Series: Potty Training

Join the Down Syndrome Innovations Therapy Team to learn how the developmental domains and learning characteristics of Down syndrome can influence potty training. Our Therapy Team will identify general evidence-based potty-training strategies and discuss alternative strategies that can be individualized to meet each family’s needs. NOTE: due to the