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It’s never too early to begin planning for your loved one’s success in adulthood! Targeted for families (with loved ones up to 18 years of age), this seminar will provide an overview of topics that will help position your loved one for living a fulfilling adult life. 

Registered attendees will receive our Long-Term Planning Guide and Zoom link in advance of the event.


At Down Syndrome Innovations, our Team understands that in order to be a lifespan provider for your family it is essential that we support you in the process of planning ahead for your loved one with Down syndrome. The task list for future planning can feel daunting but we can help you prioritize and point you in the right direction. We have resources on hand related to community organizations with specific supports you might need. We want to serve as your “home base” to help you navigate the challenges at each age range throughout this journey. 

We know from firsthand experience that families who invest time throughout the elementary and secondary years connecting with local community resources, documenting plans, and learning about public benefits often feel less stress and more empowered when the time comes for their son and daughter to enter the adult years. Often more options, and often more funding, are available in adult years when you’ve planned ahead.  

Whenever possible, we want you to get direct and current information from your county case-coordinators or benefits specialist, your financial advisor or attorney, but we can set you on the right course and direct you specifically to people and resources, so you are not wasting time or hitting dead-ends.  Unfortunately, some families are on a waiting list just to speak with a case-manager or benefits specialist, so in these cases, we hope to at least bridge a temporary gap. 

In our experience, parents and caregivers who attend these long-term planning seminars with very specific questions related to their area of residence, the specific age of their child, and their financial situation, and it is difficult to address these questions comprehensively in a group setting.  This seminar will not address specific scenarios related to Medicaid eligibility, for example, but following this seminar, you can schedule a complimentary, individualized consultation to get further guidance on where to get the answers you specifically need. 

One of our priorities in this seminar is to not only answer questions about resources and funding, but to help you encourage independence, self-determination, and job-readiness for your loved one. 

Sarah Mai, Vice President of Lifespan Services, has 20+ years of experience serving families across the lifespan as an occupational therapist. She also has significant experience helping families navigate adult services. If you have questions, email  Read Sarah’s bio >>

This seminar is relevant for all developmental disabilities.

Tuesday, June 11th

6:30 pm Kansas residents
7:00 pm Missouri residents

VIRTUAL: a Zoom link will be emailed to all registered participants.

FREE: this event is donor-funded/FREE, funded by our donors from the Step Up Walk, Grantors and Community Partners!

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Caregiver Education: Planning Ahead for the Adult Years (Virtual)

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