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Being Proactive: Dementia Detection for Individuals with ID/DD

At Down Syndrome Innovations, our Team understands that in order to be a lifespan provider for your family it is essential that we support you in the process of planning ahead for your loved one. As part of our “Planning Ahead for the Adult Years” educational series, we have invited Amy Yeager to talk to caregivers about “Being Proactive” in anticipation of the aging years.

In this presentation, Amy will provide caregivers with support on understanding dementia as related to Down syndrome and other ID/DDs, strategies for brain health and wellness strategies, updates on current research affecting our population, tips for coordinating health care providers, ways to compensate for memory changes, and she will guide us to various community resources for ongoing support.

Down Syndrome Innovations is working closely with the KU Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center to share information and increase support for individuals with Down syndrome, who are aging in addition to their caregivers. We both understand the increased needs for this generation of individuals who are are living longer, and are committed to their quality of life.

Speaker Bio: Amy serves as Lead Community Navigator with the Cognitive Care Network at the KU Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center, working directly with Primary Care Practices in the Kansas City region. She prior worked as a Dementia Care Specialist at the Alzheimer’s Association, Heart of America Chapter, for over a decade. Prior to her focus on dementia, she served in multiple direct service and leadership roles, serving individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Join us prior to the presentation from 6:00 – 6:30 pm for a time to connect with other caregivers and enjoy light refreshments

Tuesday, March 26th

6:30 to 8:00 pm

Down Syndrome Innovations: 5916 Dearborn St, Mission KS 66202

This educational seminar is FREE/donor-funded due to the generous support of our donors, grantors and community partners!

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Caregiver Education: Being Proactive- Dementia Detection for Individuals with ID/DD

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