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Down Syndrome Innovations is the premier resource on Down syndrome.

Our innovative services and supports cross the lifespan and we seek to partner with schools, therapy centers, service providers, employers and families to ensure they have accurate up-to-date information and best practices for helping people with Down syndrome achieve their full potential.

Our expert team has over 150 combined years of experience in the non-profit and disability sector and we are here to help you! The following resources have been compiled to assist you to successfully support students with Down syndrome.

Our award winning Just Like You – Down Syndrome film features three teens with Down syndrome and their best friends sharing information about the condition, how to be a good friend and how to provide support in a helpful way.

Educator Manuals

View helpful educator manuals highlighting strengths and challenges of learners with Down syndrome and how to effectively engage them.

Peer Presentations

Peer Presentations can be helpful in explaining Down syndrome to peers who have questions. We provide educators and families ideas on how to communicate to classmates about the differences, similarities and needs of individual with Down syndrome. View a list of activities you can facilitate in your classroom to help explain Down syndrome.

Films to show during peer presentations

Books to read during peer presentations

Taking Down Syndrome to School
My Friend Has Down Syndrome
My Name is Colin
High Fives and a Big Heart
We'll Paint the Octopus Red

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Contact Us if you would like more information or support to facilitate a peer presentation in your classroom.